Diane Gillespie South Coast Psychology


  Psychological Assessment, Counselling  & Psychotherapy

I am a New Zealand Registered Psychologist, who has Bachelor, Masters and Post Graduate qualifications in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have over 20 years’ experience in the domestic violence, disability, mental health, sexual abuse,  trauma, child development, child welfare, youth advocacy, psychology and counselling fields.  My aim is to work with other professionals to provide comprehensive client centric therapeutic psychological/mental health services to clients in the Southern districts of  Aotearoa/New Zealand (and other areas where there is need).  

These services may include (but are not limited to) psychological  assessment, counselling/therapy, support, training, clinical supervision, psycho-education, therapeutic group work, family/relationship therapy, at individual, family/whanau, organisational and strategic levels.

My vision is for people who are experiencing or have had difficulties in their lives to have the opportunity to access the services they require to assist them to independence and mental wellbeing.