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  Psychological Assessment, Counselling  & Psychotherapy

ACC services, family court counselling, victim support services, psychological assessment and treatment, clinical supervision, counselling and psychotherapy, consultancy,  training, addiction services, social work services and group therapy

ACC Services 

We are approved by ACC to provide assessments, treatment, and group programmes for people who have a sensitive claim.


We have a client centric service that assists clients in their dealings with ACC sensitive claims. Our service providers are all skilled, experienced, and qualified professionals who have been approved to provide services for ACC sensitive claims dealing with sexual abuse. We have professionals skilled in areas of mental health, addictions and other problems caused by sexual abuse. 

The ACC sensitive claims services we provide are:

  • Initial Engagement and Early planning 
  • Short-term counselling without an assessment (if this is your first approach to ACC services)
  • Supported Assessment including Incapacity Assessments
  • Longer-Term Treatment, Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Social Work support with agencies and other services
  • Cultural support and liaison with cultural advisers of your choice
  • Support for family in relation to sexual abuse and its effects

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Family Court Counselling

We have skilled, experienced and well training relationship counsellors and psychologists approved by the ministry of justice to provide counselling in family courts. This includes relationship counselling, therapy for those involved in custody disputes and making arrangements for day to day care of children.

Family court approved counsellors:

  • Diane Gillespie (Registered Psychologist)
  • Sonia Pera (Counsellor/Social Worker)

 Psychological Assessment and Treatment/Psychotherapy

We have qualified and experienced registered psychologists, clinical psychologists, and clinical counsellors providing assessment. 

The assessors are:

  • Christine Macfarlane (Clinical Counsellor) 
  • Diane Gillespie (Registered Psychologist)
  • Dr Helen Rathore (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Jane Freeman-Brown (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Joy Rogers (Registered Clinical Psychologist) 
  • Katrina Stanley (Registered Clinical Psychologist) 
  • Dr Kay McKenzie (Child and Family/Registered Counselling Psychologist)
  • Kim Bunyan  (Registered Psychologist)
  • Kristy Howard  (Registered Psychologist)
  • Dr Latesha Murphy-Edwards (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Dr Matthew McDonald (Registered Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist)
  • Natalie Blackmore (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Paula Cannan (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Penny Walker (Registered Clinical Psychologist) 
  • Dr Shelley Taylor (Registered Clinical Psychologist) 
  • Tess Preininger (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Theresa Parker (Registered Clinical Psychologist)

We are also able to access psychiatrists to provide psychiatric assessments when required. 

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a special type of professional support that develops and enhances the practice of the professional keeping them and their clients safe. All of South Coast Psychology practitioners receive clinical supervision. Some clinicians provide clinical supervision. 

Clinical supervisors include:

  • Diane Gillespie (Registered Psychologist)
  • Dr Helen Rathore (Clinical Psychologist) 
  • Katie O'Connor (Counsellor)
  • Kristy Howard (Registered Psychologist) 
  • Dr Latesha Murphy-Edwards (Clinical Psychologist)
  • Liz Randell (Social Worker)
  • Sonia Pera (Counsellor)

Counselling & Psychotherapy

We have qualified counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers providing counselling and psychotherapy services.

The counselling and psychotherapy providers are:

  • Anne Neilson (intern)
  • Annie Coughlan (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Diane Gillespie (Registered Psychologist)
  • Diane Johnstone (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Emily McDonald (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Geeta Murlidharan (ACC Counsellor)
  • Janet McKnight (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Jess Brown (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Jo Blakemore (Psychotherapist/Social Worker/ ACC Counsellor) 
  • Joy Rogers (Registered Clinical Psychologist) 
  • Justine Holland (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Karen Goffe (ACC Counsellor)
  • Kate Collie (ACC Counsellor)
  • Kate McKay (ACC Counsellor)
  • Katie O'Connor (ACC Counsellor)
  • Katie Wiseman (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Kath Byrne (ACC Counsellor)
  • Katrina Stanley (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Dr Kay McKenzie (Child and Family/Registered Counselling Psychologist)
  • Kim Bunyan  (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Kristy Howard (Registered Psychologist)
  • Linda Waitokia (ACC Counsellor)
  • Liz Randell (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Dr Latesha Murphy-Edwards (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Lori Johnston (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Dr Matthew McDonald (Registered Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist)
  • Nancy McGregor (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Natalie Blackmore (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Paula Cannan (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Penny Walker (Registered Clinical Psychologist) 
  • Sandra Marshall (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Selina Elkington (ACC Counsellor)
  • Shane Pleasance (ACC Counsellor
  • Dr Shelley Taylor (Registered Clinical Psychologist) 
  • Sue Lattimore (ACC Counsellor)
  • Sonia Pera (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Sue McCoy (ACC Counsellor)
  • Symantha Johnston (Social Worker/ACC Counsellor)
  • Theresa Parker (Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  • Toni Tinirau (ACC Counsellor)
  • Viki Abercrombie (ACC Counsellor)
  • Wendy Scott (ACC Counsellor)
  • Zoe Lopes (ACC Counsellor)

Social Work

Social Work services are used to support people access resources in the community, to support with attending appointments such as WINZ, CYFS, Strengthening Families, budgeting, and general advocacy with professionals.

Social Workers are:

  • Cynthia Cotterell
  • Diane Johnstone
  • Emily McDonald
  • Janet McKnight
  • Jess Brown
  • Jo Blakemore
  • Justine Holland
  • Kate Collie
  • Katie Wiseman
  • Liz Randell
  • Lori Johnston
  • Nancy McGregor
  • Sandra Marshall
  • Sonia Pera
  • Stevie James
  • Tania Metherell

Group Therapy 

Group therapy includes skills groups and psychotherapy groups. ACC approved group therapy programmes are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy groups.

Education, Training and Consultancy

We have experienced trainers who provide education and training programmes, for teams and individuals, and consultation to professionals in relation to a wide range of topics.